Reflection of the economical upsurge of Bangladesh is clearly visible in the life-styles and living standards of individuals. The people are considered as international customers, even sometimes as commodity.Social, Industrial, Infrastructural, Technological, Information-Technological and other Developments lead to global presence of Bangladesh. Property value is one aspect which helps us to assess such advancement.Property has been considered as the most expensive product in Bangladesh since long. In Dhaka and other major cities of Bangladesh the escalation is going on day by day. Similarly in other major cities like Chittagong and Sylhet, the people are coming for a better life-style and facilities. Over 40 million of people are residing in those three cities which is about 25% of the total population of the country. Obviously the demand in housing is excessively high and the people are ready to sacrifice a significant amount of their earnings to have a shelter. Similarly the Corporate Business Sector, Healthcare, Hotels and Tourism, Education, FMCG etc. are trying to offer a healthy atmosphere to its employees and customers. Compared to all other developments, the representation of the property is not satisfactory so far. The expectation and customers demand are so high but the commitment and service standards are not developed up to the desired level. That is very a warning side where millions of amount of money have been invested. To keep the trends of increasing value of the property, the service and the maintenance are very crucial. As a sequel to the Unique Group (UG) operations, HANSA Management Limited has been formed by UG to offer an international standard Facilities Management (FM) to ensure an iconic life-style. International Standard FM Service is designed and practiced by HANSA with highest passion and dedication through integrated services named Total Facilities Management, TFM and Computer Aided Facilities Management, CAFM.

To Ensure a Sustainable FM business home in Bangladesh.


The environment is our life-long shelter and HANSA will never act anything harmful to the nation and earth. We are committed to serving our clients through ensuring green environment. HANSA is trying its level best to protect the interest of its clients and the environment as well. HANSA is created for helping others and the philosophy will remain as long as HANSA exists.


Service Is Religion